Top 7 Free Resources To Learn Spanish

…curiosity; it keeps us moving forward, exploring, experimenting, opening new doors. (Walt Disney)
Few things open more doors than speaking a different language. I have been curious to learn Spanish but not spend a fortune on apps, courses, and books. Luckily, there is a ton of material available online. Here are my top seven FREE resources that have helped me in my journey. Pick and choose what best works for you:

It’s fun and has lots of basic vocabulary and grammar. Especially at the beginning, this app is a fantastic way to discover Spanish. Plus, it keeps you motivated through daily challenges and targets. Who doesn’t want to reach Level 25?

This podcast is an epic resource to learn Spanish. From absolute beginner, all the way to advanced Spanish courses are full of knowledge taught by experienced teachers and just have the right length. Each lesson offers heaps of practical knowledge and tips.

Consisting of 13 episodes which will remind you of the popular TV show Friends. Extra has a 90s feeling to it, yet it is easy to follow, has subtitles and is entertaining to watch. The dialogue offers plenty of vocabulary, is clear and paced enough to understand for language learners.

There are countless blogs out there to learn Spanish. This is my favorite. Articles are well written, reveal fascinating knowledge and kick-ass facts about culture, people and life in Spanish speaking countries around the world. Also, there are lots of handy tricks that will help you to get a grip on grammar.

Ben and Maria discuss everyday topics in Spanish, giving the listener authentic, useful vocabulary and a feel for real conversations. The podcasts are well structured, and a perfect way to improve your listening skills.

Language Transfer uses a brilliant approach to language learning. By using elements of English, applying simple rules and memorable examples you ease into Spanish. The audio course comes with a complete transcript and takes you on an awesome 90 lesson journey with heaps of learning and language bridges.

One of the most recommended, informative and comprehensive resources for self- learners. In his clever series of youtube videos, Professor Jason teaches a wealth of Spanish grammar and speech. The lessons are engaging, have a classroom feel, and are completely free to watch.

8. Bonus Tips
Want more savvy tricks to learn Spanish? Why not try the following:
  • Flashcards: Especially at the beginning growing your vocabulary is a must. Flashcards are an efficient, structured and free way to learn. Make your lists and study on the go. There is no shortage of highly rated apps. I’m currently using Cram.
  • Meetup groups: When learning a new language nothing works better than actually using it. Get social, join a Spanish meetup group and practice your Spanish in conversations with native speakers.
  • Music in Spanish: There is a whole music genre created around Latin- American and Spanish vibes. Play radio in the background and get into the mood. Or watch your favorite music videos online. Check out CancionEle for music videos with subtitles to sing along.
  • Spanish diary: Start a journal in Spanish and spend a few minutes every day writing down what’s happening in your life. Use WordReference, SpanishDict, and Google Translate to unlock new words and phrases. Writing texts will help you to memorize key vocabulary to use on a daily base.
  • Immersion: Make your day-to-day life Spanish. Switch your phone to Spanish, follow Spanish news online, experiment with some recipes, and start watching Netflix series (some of my favorites: Club de Cuervos, El Chapo, Narcos). Maybe decorate your home with Spanish post its. Or start reading a book for beginners (for example Moby Dick). Surround yourself with the language where you can. The more you interact with Spanish the sooner you will pick it up.